In 2030 You Can Take The Train From London To New York

Yes, travel from London to New York by train. It would be the longest train ride in the world. Can you imagine? The Russian Railways has proposed a plan to develop a highway and an extended Trans Siberian Railway so people can travel from London to New York over land. There is only one challenge to overcome… The cross over of the Bering Sea, a 88-kilometer long passage.

The route:

The Russian proposal is known as the ‘Trans-Eurasian Belt Development’. This plan intends to develop a highway next to the current Trans Siberian Express. But also new train tracks and oil- and gas pipelines.

The route will cover the whole of Russia and connect the continents of North America, Europe, and Asia. As the route covers over 10,000 km it will become the longest train ride on earth. But also the longest road trip.

There is just a small challenge; connecting Asia and North America across 88 kilometers of the Bearing Sea. Speculations suggest the Russians want to develop a tunnel. But it has not been decided yet. One thing is for sure, I would love to travel this route. Wouldn’t you?