Dream Job: Bookseller at Luxury Resort in Maldives

The Maldives are the ultimate place to relax. Where many people read books on the golden beach and enjoy the tropical palm trees, the warm water and the view. Soneva Fushi, a 5-star resort on the Baa Atoll, is eager to help its guests, so they launched the "Barefoot Bookseller" last year.

The job is being a bookseller who sells at a small shop on the resort. Oh yes, you walk barefoot in the sand. That's one of the nice conditions. Hence the special nickname of your job: The Barefoot Bookseller.


It's a pop-up bookstore that you will run. Provided, of course, that you love books and can pass on your passion for paper to others. Your main task is proactively helping the guests with their choice of books. You may also teach creative writing, reading to children, and more.

You will also blog about your adventures. So that you can look back on one of the most special jobs you've ever had. The bookshop will open in October…

If you are elected, you will first receive training for one month. Where you learn the tricks of being a bookseller, but also learn everything about the resort. After which your journey to the Maldives begins. The job is for 6 months. And yes, you also get a salary.

The website where you can apply says: “Most people think a vacation is the ideal opportunity to read, but finding the perfect book that enhances your experience can be a challenge”.

How To Apply

The application is simple. You can submit it online via their  website.

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