Curious Bobcat Kittens Inspect Camera on Roof

A man bought a house in Arizona but was unaware that the house is used by special guests. One day he saw two bobcat kittens playing in his garden, he got suspicious.

He climbed on his roof and discovered a nest of bobcats. He left quietly. This year he placed a webcam to see what is going on on his roof. He soon discovered that a mother Lynx had given birth to two young. He had never seen the mother, as these animals are so smart to avoid humans.

He also saw on camera that the animals like to play on his roof. You can also see how a kitten has a great interest in the camera, while the mother is resting. Until he climbs on top and his mother comes to have a look. The images are going viral on the internet.

View the wonderful footage of the mother bobcat with young:

The bobcat is an animal that is rarely spotted. Both in Europe and in America, where the predator lives.