6 Minute Cougar Attack in Utah; Man Remains Unharmed

Some videos are scary and intriguing at the same time. This is an example. Kyle Burgess is running in the US state of Utah when he suddenly sees a baby puma. And three more. Which is cute, but then the boy’s mother shows up. Cougars are generally harmless to humans. Unless they have young. Then the mother wants to defend her young.

Something she clearly shows. The man sees the danger and walks back slowly. He makes a lot of noise to make himself seem bigger than he is. He consciously does not run away, so as not to stimulate the predator’s hunting instinct.

The chase lasts no less than 6 minutes. In which the cougar makes several false attacks and the man continues to walk backward in fear. The video clearly shows that you should always be prepared when you go hiking in the United States

The man gets credit for his way of leaving the animal alone. Various park rangers indicate that this is exactly what you should do when a cougar approaches you. Many think it could have ended very differently. Occasionally people are killed by cougars. Although there are fewer than, for example, by bears. But still, a mother cougar with young is a great danger.

I think this video is very useful for hikers. So you know what to do if something like this ever happens to you.

Check out the intriguing footage