Video: Overcrowded Water Park In China Makes You Claustrophobic

It was one of the very first videos I ever shared via the website. The images showed an overly crowded wave pool in a water park in China. This unique footage was shot over ten years ago. However, it is still happening today, as you can see in the video below. At Daqing Heiyu Lake Water Park in Heilongjiang, hundreds of people with inflatable rings are trying to enjoy the waves. Temperatures are high in China, which means that everyone is looking for opportunities to cool down. This wave pool is one of the most popular in northeast China.

Dangerously Crowded

But if you look closely, you also see plenty of people who aren't having a good time. This is because everyone is sitting over each other. There is no room to actually get a drop of water. In fact, it even seems dangerous to me. I think children can be easily compromised. And then this isn't a place where you can quickly pull over, is it?

Watch the Unique Footage