The Great British Spraycation by Banksy

The famous artist Banksy popped up along the English East Coast. He visited some popular British holiday resorts to leave his signature artworks behind. Most of them went viral quickly. Rightly so, as it is beautiful street art. People have a different opinion about his work as it tends to be provocative. You can decide for yourself.

The fact that Banksy is an anonymous British artist, makes it even more attractive. You can see parts of him in the video but his face is never exposed. Due to COVID a Staycation has become very popular. Banksy went on a Spraycation. An art-making spree along the English coast. Though he still has to claim any of the work publicly.

Spraycation across five English coast towns

The anonymous graffiti artist visited several popular coastal towns on the East coast of England. Lowestoft, Gorleston, Oulton Broad, Cromer and Great Yarmouth in the regions of Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Fun fact is that both Great Yarmouth and Gorleston as well as Lowestoft are nominated for the UK City of Culture status in 2025. A coincidence?

See Banksy at work: