Rare Pearlescent Clouds Seen in Scotland and Norway

This week, rare pearlescent clouds were spotted in several places in Europe. This phenomenon was recorded by British and Norwegian weather observers, as it was seen over Scotland and in Norway. Also, countless residents saw the remarkably colourful clouds.

How Do Pearlescent Clouds Form?

Pearlescent clouds are colourful clouds that are comparable to a mix between a rainbow and the magical Northern Lights. They form at an altitude of about 25 kilometres in the ozone layer at temperatures of -80 degrees.

The low temperature causes the formation of ice crystals that refract the sun's light and result in a dazzling colour palette. Pearlescent clouds are more common in Scandinavia, but very rare in the rest of Northern Europe like the United Kingdom.

A Must-See Phenomenon

I have seen the Northern Lights several times. In Finnish Lapland, Norway, Iceland and in Canada. Now that I've seen these photos, and especially the videos, I want to see this with my own eyes someday. To see if the colours are really that diverse and impressive. And how intense it is.

See the Colourful Photos:

Watch the Magical Video: