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The most beautiful Spring Park in the world?

The Keukenhof is world-renowned. This tulip museum is located close to Lisse. The gardens are one of the most popular attractions in the Netherlands for foreign tourists. The flowers normally bloom from mid-March to mid-May. 

Keukenhof should be visited at least once. The colour and splendour of the millions of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are extraordinary. The park can be visited often as each year has a new theme.

This is partly the reason why the park is open to the public during this period. You can see on average 7 million flowers in bloom here. Every year the park is decorated differently.

Keukenhof garden’s beauty travels the world every year. The magnificence of the park is displayed by thousands of photos on social media. You will find no less than 9 gardens in Keukenhof. The historic garden is an attraction that must be seen. Make the most of your trip by making use of these tips and attractions.

The colours of Keukenhof. ©Keukenhof

The Keukenhof Mill

The Keukenhof Mill is well-known. It is the most photographed spot in the park. Although he tower mill history is not very well known by many. The eight-sided mill was built in 1892. It was found in Scharmer and functioned as a polder mill. In 1957 it moved to Keukenhof, where it served no purpose. The blades however still rotate when the park is open. And it looks stunning.

Willem-Alexander Pavilion

The Willem-Alexander Pavilion is centrally located in the park and is definitely worth a visit. In this central attraction, you will find more than 15,000 lilies in approximately 300 different varieties in 6,000 square meters. Please note that the Willem-Alexander Pavilion can get very busy.

Orange Nassau Pavilion

The Oranje Nassau Pavilion exhibition often changes it’s theme. However the general theme is flowers of course. The theme for the pavilion can be found on the Keukenhof website.

Beatrix Pavilion

In the Beatrix Pavilion, you will find exotic flowers such as orchids and anthurium. These flowers will also be in full bloom. Annually the flowers are judged and prizes are awarded for the most beautiful.

Tulipomania in the Juliana Pavilion

Tulipomania is a famous exhibition in the Juliana Pavilion. Here you learn about the story of the many celebrities and why they were allowed to name a tulip after themselves. Take a look at the black tulip which is the most difficult flower to grow. You can find information on this rare flower in this pavilion.

The beauty of the Keukenhof flowers. ©Keukenhof

Visiting Keukenhof with children

Children love the abundance of flowers and the array of colours. They can go on a treasure hunt at the entrance and solve puzzles along the way. There are always various events and fun activities to keep the children entertained.

Other activities include a petting zoo, a playground, and a maze for children. The maze leads to a viewpoint of the famous bulb fields next to Keukenhof. There is more than enough to do for every age group.

Boat trip around Keukenhof

You can visit the flower fields around Keukenhof with an electrically powered boat. The boat ride lasts for 45 minutes and is perfect for photos. You can purchase your cruise tickets at the Windmill in the park. This should be arranged timeously as it can get very busy.

Keukenhof’s History

Keukenhof is located on part of the Keukenhof Castle’s estate. The first mention of the estate dates back to 1642. A homestead was built at Castle Teylingen. It was rebuilt several times. For example, towers were built on the homestead and the park around the castle was also redesigned.

In 1949, the mayor of Lisse, WJH Lambooy, together with ten leading flower bulb growers, decided to exhibit the flowers annually. The reason for the exhibition was to show off the richness of the flowers. With the supervision of the lead landscape architect W. van der Lee, the northern part of the estate was transformed into a colourful flower garden. 

Keukenhof gained popularity quickly. In 1957 the Keukenhof Mill was placed on site. In 1975, already ninety-one suppliers participated in the exhibition. The bulbs are planted between October and December every year. This gives the flowers time to grow and ready to bloom in spring.

Castle Keukenhof

Castle Keukenhof. ©Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland

The Keukenhof Castle was built in 1642. It is officially owned by Keukenhof, although it has a separate entrance. Entry is free, which is one of the reasons the castle is visited often. It is not only a unique garden, but also various special lounges.

The mansion is a relic of the Golden Age. Adriaen Maertenszoon Block, a former commander of the Dutch East India Company build it in 1641. The mansion has a terraced garden with many works of art. This is different from the Keukenhof. 

The Keukenhof tulips. ©Keukenhof

Entrance Fees and Buying Tickets Online

Generally, tickets for Keukenhof can be bought at the box office in the park. However, to avoid the long queues it is best to purchase entrance tickets online. Online is easy and allows you a quick entrance.

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