Famous Hill at the Veluwezoom

The Posbank near Rheden is one of the most beautiful pieces of nature in the Netherlands. The landscape is hilly, up to 90 meters high. And you see moors and pines everywhere. The Posbank is beautiful in every season. Especially in spring and summer. But winter has also something special.

These beautiful hills are well known to many hikers and cyclists. According to many, this is the most beautiful viewpoint in the Netherlands. It is located at a height of 90 meters. And one of the most beautiful moors in our country. It is located in the National Park Veluwezoom at the Veluwe. This article gives you all information about this nature reserve and a variety of excursions that are on offer.

Posbank: What's in the Name? 

The name actually comes from a monumental stone bench that you will find on the top of the hill. The bank was built on May 7, 1918. This happened in honour of the 25th anniversary of G.A. Pos, at the time the manager of the ANWB. Hence the name Posbank.

It is also the name for the adjacent tea house Het Paviljoen De Posbank, which also functions as a restaurant. But popularly, the Posbank is synonymous with the hilly moorland surrounding the bank and the tea house.

As well as for the surrounding hiking and biking trails. Although this is actually called the Herikhuizerveld. Which is named after the former farm Herikhuizen, which was located a little further. The ruin has been converted into a wildlife observation post. And so is a good place to visit as well. These are the sights of the Posbank.

Veluwezoom Visitors Center

Het Bezoekerscentrum Veluwezoom ligt bij de Posbank. Hier kun je veel informatie krijgen over het nationaal park. Maar dus ook over het wandelen en fietsen rond de heuvel. Met de diverse routes die je kunt nemen, alsook de bezienswaardigheden in de buurt. Je vindt het bezoekerscentrum aan de Heuvenseweg 5a in Rheden. Vaak wordt de Posbank bij Arnhem genoemd; maar het is officieel Rheden.

Hiking along the Posbank

This is a perfect place for a hike. Here are the best routes to explore the surrounding nature reserve.

Trail Veluwezoom-Posbank (5,4 km)

Hiking along the Posbank.

The Veluwezoom-Posbank walking route starts at the Veluwezoom visitor center and is 5.4 kilometres long. Where you wander over the hills full of moors. And you explore the Herikhuizerveld. It is a good place to see the yellowhammer during the breeding season. While you can also see buzzards here. And with luck a tree falcon in the evening. While dung beetles clean up the droppings of the large grazers. If you pay attention you can see the sand lizard in the sun.

One of the highlights (literally) is the Kraaijenberg. This steep hill offers a wonderful view. And is perfect for spotting animals and taking pictures. Take your time here. From here you wander along the Posbank, after which you walk through the moors to the Schietsbergseweg. Although you can of course also walk the route the other way around. At the visitor center you can get information about the extensive walk.

Heather in Bloom on the Posbank

The heather on the Posbank blooms from mid-August to mid-September. Turning the area into a purple sea. Keep in mind that it can get very busy here. Especially on the weekends. If you come here during the week it is quieter. Especially in the early morning or late afternoon/evening.

Rheden Sheep Pen

Schaapskudde bij de Posbank. ©Corno van den Berg

Whoever visits this place has a chance to see the Rheden sheep herd. This flock of Veluwe sheep has been grazing the heath around the Posbank for decades. The shepherd sends his sheep to a patch of heath every day. This way the grass does not get a chance to overgrow the heath. Which would eventually turn it into a forest. That is why human intervention remains necessary.

It is not easy to find the herd. But with a bit of luck, and good eyes, you can spot them. And fair is fair; it gives a beautiful sight with the sheep on the hills. Icelandic ponies and other large grazers also walk here for the same reason.

Scenic Drive by Car or Motorcycle

This is one of the most beautiful roads in the Netherlands. You can reach the Posbank in three ways, which make it possible to do a round tour. The route does not matter as long as you follow the Beekhuizenseweg. In particular, the part at Rozendaal is amazing. It meanders through the hilly forests with various parking spaces where you can stop and go for a stroll. The Schietbergseweg is also nice to drive and can be combined well with the Beekhuizenseweg

Scenic Ride by Bike

You can also ride on the public road by bicycle. But there are also countless cycle paths, where you are not disturbed by other traffic. And with a more intense experience. You have many choices, but the route from The Hunting Lodge at Rozendaal leads through hills with beautiful beech forests and then ends up at the moors.

You can make a top at the Posbank itself, but you will come across several benches along the way to enjoy the view. And these are often quieter. Follow the road east. You can return via De Steeg, but also continue cycling to Ellecom, for example. Or even to Laag-Soeren and then back via Ellecom.

Wildlife on the Posbank

Wild boar on the Posbank. ©Marco Derksen

Those who go to the Posbank early in the morning have a reasonable chance of seeing red deer. Although you usually see them from a reasonable distance. And with a bit of luck, you'll spot a roe deer, but usually in the surrounding forests. Wild boars are also occasionally spotted on the Posbank. If you dive into the woods you regularly encounter them.

The History of the Posbank

The hills of the Veluwe have an ancient history. Glaciers were once located here during the various ice ages. They pushed sand and stones in front of them. When it got warmer, the ice melted, leaving behind the rocks and sand. These dams fell prey to rain and wind. As a result, the lower parts became deeper. And you can still see these hills today.

Visit Posbank

There is a large parking lot on top of the hill at the Tea House. As the Posbank is popular, it can get busy around here. You can also park your car at the Veluwezoom Visitor Center. Or park in the parking lot at the Houtplaats on the Schietbergseweg. From there you can walk up through the woods and the heath. Or cycling of course.

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