Blue Lagoon on Comino

This azure Blue Lagoon is a delightful excursion on the island of Comino

Blue Lagoon is very popular and rightly so. As this lagoon in Malta is one of the most beautiful bays in the entire Mediterranean. But if you go exploring this island offers many more beautiful bays. You can also swim and relax at these bays. 

Comino is a small island in southern European Malta. The island is located between the main island of Malta and the smaller Gozo. The main attraction is the famous Blue Lagoon. It includes several shallow bays between rocky outcrops with unprecedented clear water. The water has a striking blue-green color. Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. This are the best attractions for Comino.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is by far the best known and most popular. This lagoon is located between Comino and the smaller Cominotti. The water is extremely clear. It has a striking teal color as it is very shallow. You can see the seagrass growing in various places.

A view of the Blue Lagoon. ©Corno van den Berg / Drone

It is best to explore leisurely on your own. There are many places on the rocks to sit on your towel. It is easy to get into the water. There is even a tiny beach, which is very nice. It works on a first come, first serve basis.

The water temperature is very pleasant; you simply must swim. A considerable part of the lagoon area has been cordoned off where boats are not allowed. Here you can swim carefree for hours.

Alongside Blue Lagoon are various food and drink stalls. The food and drinks here are definitely not cheap, but the view is exquisite. There are places to sunbathe on sunbeds; which you can hire.

Boats stop with tourists in the small harbour. This can sometimes make it a bit restless, with a lot of noise. The boats make the water more cloudy, although this quickly disappears.

Crystal Lagoon

A visit to the Crystal Lagoon. ©Corno van den Berg / Drone

Crystal Lagoon is exactly at the back of Blue Lagoon. This lagoon is much quieter than Blue Lagoon but just as beautiful. You can walk there, it is best to see everything from the water on a boat. And then jump straight into the water.

Lovers Cave

The name Lovers Cave says it all. This is the cave for lovers. It is indeed a nice cave for couples, but it’s for everyone. You can swim to this cave or go by boat.

Octopus Cave

Octopus Cave is different. It has an opening with a view of the sky. This cave is popular with divers, but you can also enjoy snorkeling and swimming. The water is extremely clear, especially just in front of the cave.

It is remarkably shallow here; only a few meters deep. You can see the seagrass growing on the seafloor. With a little luck, you will also see colourful fish.


Cominotti is a very small island near Comino. It ensures that the Blue Lagoon and Comino remain sheltered from the Mediterranean.

Day trip Boat trip Comino

Boat trips to Comino are very popular. Mainly with day-trippers who come here to sunbathe, swim, and other activities such as snorkeling. There are various types of excursions to choose from.

Most excursions from both Malta and Gozo are with relatively large boats. However, it is best to hire a smaller boat with a captain. So you are more flexible to visit the most beautiful places. It can be rewarding to be out early in the morning. To be one of the first at Blue Lagoon arrive before 09h00. Below is information for all boat trips to Comino.

The beauty of Comino on Malta. ©Corno van den Berg / Drone

Tour boat Comino

There are several boat trips that take you along the highlights of Comino. These trips are either half a day or a whole day. The boats stop in various places, including in the Blue Lagoon. The boats can be small or large. The bigger, the cheaper, but then you can't go everywhere. In my opinion the bigger boats are too commercialised for such a beautiful area.

The advantage of these tours is that you see a lot of the island and the bays. The downside is that you don't have too much freedom. Another disadvantage is that the big boat trips often only arrive at 10h00.  After which it gets very busy very quickly. The full day trip is recommended compared to a half day trip. Simply because you have more time on the island.

Taxi boat to Comino

Taxi boats go to the jetty on Comino from both Malta and Gozo. The boat will drop you off on the island and pick you up at a later time. This gives you a lot of freedom, but doesn't let you see all the bays from the water. Which is a must do.

Private boat to Comino

I went to Comino on a private boat simply because I wanted to see more and hit the road on time. Because of this, I was already at the Blue Lagoon at 08h30. This part of the morning was wonderfully quiet. In addition, you can tell the captain what you want to see, how long you want to snorkel, where you want to hike, and so on.

Seeing Comino this way is certainly not cheap, although you can negotiate the price. Make sure you are on time so that you arrive early on Comino when it is still nice and quiet.

Hiking on Comino

Comino is not large and the island is therefore easy to walk. The advantage is that you discover bay after bay, where you can relax or swim. There are many places where you can slip into the water to cool off.

There are easy walkways so you can even walk with flip flops, although special water shoes are more useful if you want to walk in some areas with sharp rocks.

Snorkeling on Comino

Snorkelling can be done in numerous places around the island. Keep in mind that more people equals less fish. Therefore, quieter places are better if you want to see fish.

One of the most popular places is a crack in the rocks, which you can swim through while snorkeling. This is located at the back of the Blue Lagoon.

Diving on Comino

You can dive well at various places on Comino, although it is not very deep. You can view the underwater world perfectly, and see how the sunlight illuminates the rocks and caves.

On the outside of the island, at a depth of 19 meters, is a shipwreck that is popular with divers. It is a Maltese patrol boat, the P31, which was launched to function as a dive site and coral reef. This is due to the clear water; you can even see the boat well from underwater.

Overnight on Comino

The beach on Comino. ©Corno van den Berg

You can spend the night in a luxury hotel. The Comino hotel is located in Saint Nicolas Bay, a little more expensive. But it is also less remote so you really need calm weather.

Staying in this hotel is not cheap, but it has a few big advantages. Once the tourists have disappeared you will be left alone to experience the peace and space of this wonderful area. And to enjoy a wonderful evening at the most beautiful spot in Malta.

In addition, you can then explore the area early in the morning. Have an early morning swim in the warm water of the Blue Lagoon. Where you are often almost alone. You can also walk on Comino, where the temperature is still lovely.

How busy will Comino get?

Comino is the most popular excursion in Malta. Partly because of this, it can get very busy between 10h00 and 16h00. Most tourists come with their own or hired boats, which means that the various bays can become very crowded.

Avoid the weekends and preferably high season. If this is not possible, take a boat that leaves very early in the morning or take a taxi boat, it's definitely worth it.

The rough coast of the Blue Lagoon. ©Corno van den Berg

Best time for Comino:

The island can be visited all year round. Keep in mind that it can get very busy in the summer. But also on the weekends in the other seasons. Especially after 10h00, but especially in the afternoon.

In addition, it makes sense to look at the weather forecast. With high winds, the seas get rough which makes visibility poor. And the idyllic experience is also a lot less. With windy weather there is a chance that you may not be able to go to Comino. Sunshine is the best so that you get to see the clear water better.