A rustic scene in Laos. Willy Verhulst

It’s relatively easy to travel around Laos. You can do this using public transport such as buses, or a taxi. And because it’s quite inexpensive, you can even hire a chauffeur-driven car.

There are some nice cities such as Prabang (the most atmospheric city) and Vientana (the capital), and there are also some great villages such as Vang Vieng.

Het noorden van Laos.
The north of Laos. Mild Delirium
But what’s most striking about Laos are the hinterlands, there are mountainous areas inhabited by interesting people, whose lives have changed little since the borders opened.
There is other natural beauty in Laos, the waterfalls in the mountains and the rugged terrain around them is great for walking or tubing down a river in a rubber inner tyre.Kuang Si Falls ligt zo'n 30 km buiten Luang Prabang.
Kuang Si Falls are about 30 km away from Luang Prabang. Mild Delirium

You can easily combine a tour of Laos with other countries nearby, such as Thailand. Make sure you have a few days to spend in Laos, as it’s too nice to have to rush around.