Kuang Si Falls

Go for a swim in Laos' most beautiful waterfall

The Kuang Si Falls is one of the hidden gems of Laos. The water drops in various levels in the rainforest. You can easily visit these waterfalls.

Kuang Si Falls, or Kuang Xi Falls, is the most beautiful waterfall in Laos. And according to many even one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This is mainly due to its striking blue water full of minerals. The waterfall consists of several plateaus, each slightly different.

The water drops into the rainforest via various plateaus. It is an ideal place for hiking and bathing. In some areas, you can enter the water. That is nice and refreshing and ideal for rinsing off your sweat after a good hike

Best time for Kuang Si Falls

The different terraces at Kuang Si Falls.

The best time to visit the Kuang Si Falls is in the morning when it is not too busy yet.

Visiting Kuang Si Falls

The waterfall is located 18 miles south of Luang Prabang. You can easily make an excursion to the waterfalls from this town. You drive with a van from Luang Prabang to the park. This can be done per organized tour, but also on your own. Which is much more fun.

You can also easily go to the falls by moped or bicycle. Or by tuk-tuk. The route is beautiful. A modest entrance fee is required for the falls.

For example, if you go out yourself, you can go early in the day. So that you are ahead of many other tourists. And you can fully enjoy Kuang Si Falls and its surroundings.