The holy city of the three largest religions

Jerusalem is becoming more and more popular for city trips. It’s an intriguing city with enormous history, full of special buildings, but also restaurants with wonderful Israeli dishes.

History can be found on every street corner in Jerusalem. This famous city in Israel has many attractions, that can easily be visited.

Jerusalem City Wall

At the famous Jaffa Gate you can go up the city wall of Jerusalem. Where from the Jaffa Gate you have a beautiful view over the city in various places. Take your time for this excursion, as you can walk almost to the Western Wall. The best time is early in the day, when it is still relatively quiet.

Western Wall

The Western Wall in Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, history is there for the taking. Whoever travels here cannot actually escape under the world famous Western Wall. He is also often referred to as Western Wall. This wall is the only remnant of the Temple of Herod that ever stood on the Temple Mount.

The Romans destroyed the temple in 70 AD. For decades, mourning took place at the remains of the wall. As a result of which this gradually got the name Western Wall.

You can easily view the daily routine at this spot. Jews and tourists come to pray every day. You can also see how they put notes between the grooves. Men and women must be separated; there is a separation. You can visit the Western Wall for free.

Temple Mount

Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Temple Mount is also worth a visit. This is the famous hill to the east of the old city of Jerusalem. He is important in several religions. The mountain is mentioned several times in the Bible. Including in the crucifixion of Christ.

It is therefore special that most of the buildings on the mountain are dedicated to Islam. Including the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The mountain is seen as the place where Prophet Mohammed went to heaven.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is said to have been built on the spot where Christ is said to have been both crucified and buried. And also got up again. You can visit the tomb of Christ where, according to the Bible, he was initially buried. But then you have to wait in a long line.

The church is the end of Christ's agony; the Via Dolorosa. In other words, the route that Christ walked with the cross on his back. You still meet pilgrims here who carry a cross on their back.

Tower of David

The Tower of David is now a museum of Jerusalem's rich history. Where you can learn a lot about the past. Even well before the time of Christ. The museum is actually a must when you visit Jerusalem.

Mea Shearim

The area of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem.

The city looks like an open-air museum. But it is also a city with a lot of atmosphere. Where you can taste the refined Israeli cuisine. And you can stroll through the various neighborhoods. Including Mea Shearim, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

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