Dunlough Castle

Also Known as Three Castles Head

Dunlough Castle is not one of the most famous castles in Ireland. That is completely unjustified because this castle from 1207 is idyllically located on a lake and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It can only be reached on foot, where you also have to climb a bit. But it is more than worth it if you ask me. These are the most beautiful sights of the Dunlough Fort as it is also called. You will also find information about the location and everything about the hike to the castle.

Mizen Head lies in the far southwest of Ireland and is known to many. This spot with the lighthouse is less than a 15-minute drive away. The nearby Dunlough Castle is often skipped, which is a shame. The sea fog often gives this place something very mysterious. Sea fog occurs when cold air flows over relatively warm seawater.

The castle is dry-bricked. This means that no cement has been used. Appropriate stones were stacked, in many places loam was placed between the stones. This can still be clearly seen in several parts. But, partly because of this, a large part of the towers has disappeared due to erosion. The rough weather on the coast has already taken its toll.

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O'Mahony Clan

According to history, Dunlough Fort was built by Donagh O'Mahony of the O'Mahony Clan. At the time, they ruled the region between the expanding city of Cork and the ocean. Dunlough is one of the oldest castles in Southern Ireland. Not too much is known about its history, except that in 1727 the castle fell under the British Empire.

Hike to Dunlough Castle

Flowers at the castle in spring. ©Corno van den Berg

The hike starts at the parking lot at Coosacuslaun Bay. Much of the trail runs over privately owned land. Just follow the signs with Castle and arrows. You will pass a house where a donation is requested to maintain the castle and the trails. The path leads up past pastures with several flock of sheep. After the last small climb, you suddenly see the castle looming.

Don't forget to walk to the coast, but be careful. The wind can be treacherous here. You can also walk to the lake, which regularly hosts waterfowl. You can see choughs, a bird that breed in the towers. They live in the Alps, but also along coastal areas with rocks. You can see these animals fly around the towers.

The Location Of Dunlough Castle

The mysterious castle from the lake. ©Corno van den Berg

The ancient castle is located on the peninsula where the famous Mizen Head is located. You can easily combine a visit to both. I used Google Maps to determine the route from Mizen Head. It's the easy way to find the parking lot. Be sure to take your time for Dunlough Castle, it's a lovely small hike.

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