Nohoval Cove

Unknown Bay with a Unique Beach

Nohoval Cove is a small but beautiful cove in Ireland's Cork County. It is near the village of Nohoval on the south side. This bay is a real eye-catcher because of its steep cliffs and some rocks that rise from the sea. In addition, you will find ruins of an old mine where slate was extracted. These are the best tips for visiting the unknown, but beautiful Nohoval Cove.

I discovered this place through Google Maps. On the map, I looked for places of interest and noticed this bay. The road towards it winds through the landscape, is very narrow and therefore you have to pay attention. But it is wonderful anticipation. This is a place that gets more beautiful as you walk around. The most beautiful part can only be reached on foot via a short walk up the hill. 

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Hiking at Nohoval Cove

From the parking lot you will soon see the ruins of the mine. You can see it up close, although you have to climb a bit for it. It can be slippery, especially after rain. The mine is closed and most of the stones are noticeably loose. That is why you see signs everywhere that everything can collapse. So pay attention.

The mine at Nohoval Cove. ©Corno van den Berg

Once at the top you have a good view of most of the bay. In spring and summer, you find various colourful flowers. There is more to explore. Behind the mine, a path leads up, where you have a view of the bay from a higher standpoint. And you can climb over the rocks to a cave on the left. You will hear the sea water sloshing around you.

Your view upon arrival at Nohoval Cove. ©Corno van den Berg

Discover the Hidden Beach

Don't forget to take the small path that leads you to the cliffs. You can see it on the opposite slope. From the top, you have the best view over the bay. In spring and summer, you can see colourful flowers fluttering in the wind. On the left, there is a small beach. It is often referred to as Ireland's most remote beach. I especially liked it. Also because when I was there, at that moment the sun broke through the clouds.

The view from above. ©Corno van den Berg

How to Get to Nohoval Cove

The Cove, as it is affectionately called by local residents, is only accessible via a narrow country road. There is a small car park, which can get full on busy days. I was only there at the end of the day which is extra lovely. Nohoval Cove is about 25 kilometres from Cork city. The drive on the winding roads takes about 45 minutes.

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