Sky Lagoon: New geothermal lagoon in Iceland -

Sky Lagoon

This geothermal lagoon opened up in 2021 just outside Reykjavik

The Sky Lagoon was opened in April 2021 in Kópavogur. It is the new hot spring in Iceland. Don't forget, Iceland is the perfect destination for a good geothermal bath. With astonishing scenery around you. The Sky Lagoon will for sure offer you this experience. 

Do not confuse the Sky Lagoon with the well-known and very touristy Blue Lagoon. Both geothermal lagoons are both just outside the capital Reykjavik. The Sky Lagoon is the closest to the city. You'll find it just a few minutes drive away.

The Infinity Pool at Sky Lagoon

Amazing sunset view at the Sky Lagoon.

The Sky Lagoon is especially unique because of its infinity pool. A swimming pool with an infinite view. Making it look like the pool seamlessly merges with the North Atlantic ocean. The spectacular view can lead to dazzling sunsets or moody impressive skies. Or even dancing Northern Lights.

The edge of the pool is no less than 70 meters long and offers enough space. Where you can relax easily. It doesn't matter what the weather is like in Iceland. Even in the rain, it is lovely. There is also a hot tub that you can use.

The waterfall

The waterfall at the Sky Lagoon.

The waterfall in the pool is also special. You can go under it and enjoy some good water massage.

Bar at the swimming pool

The pool has a nice bar to relax. You can get a drink and then continue to rest in the lovely warm water. What a wonderful idea!

The sauna

The sauna at the Sky Lagoon.

Icelanders love a sauna. And this one for sure you can't miss. The view is spectacular which you usually don't have with a sauna. Enjoy a good sweat in an amazing setting. Double joy right?

The location

The surroundings of Sky Lagoon are beautiful. It is located in a rough lava-like landscape, like the typical Icelandic scene. There are also small peat houses that function as changing rooms and as an entrance to the swimming pool.

The changing rooms at Sky Lagoon.

Nearby Sky Lagoon

The geothermal bath is close to numerous attractions, but also to the airport. And a visit is also doable at the end of your tour of Iceland, for example.

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