Lovely Hike Along Three Waterfalls

Brúarfoss is not one of the well-known waterfalls in Iceland. The waterfall, which is sometimes called Brúarárfoss, can only be reached via a hiking route along the well-known Golden Circle. The trail passes three waterfalls: Hlauptungfoss, Midfoss and finally Brúarfoss. Icelanders like to do this 6-kilometer (round trip) hike. One of the reasons is the bright blue water full of minerals.

When travelling through Iceland many people visit the absolute highlights. Where it is often busy and downing the experience. That is why I like to visit lesser-known places, where I am regularly surprised. Like the Brúarfoss waterfall, which you can only reach on foot. You will also see two other waterfalls.

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Bluest River In Iceland

According to many people, the Brúará River has the bluest water in all of Iceland. This is due to the many minerals that are in the glaciers further away. I had to see that for myself, so I went on a hike. Yes, it is very worthwhile. I only met a handful of other people, which allowed me to enjoy it even more.


Wild water at Hlauptungfoss waterfall. ©Corno van den Berg

The Hlauptungfoss is the first waterfall you will encounter on this hike. To be fair, it is not the most impressive waterfall. But you can see up close how the water squeezes through the steep rocks. You have to be careful though, because the rocks can be slippery. I actually thought it was cool, because you see and hear the violence of the water. It is indeed striking how blue the water is. I went in the spring and some parts were frozen, so I saw several longer icicles hanging.


Have a break of your hike at Midfoss. ©Corno van den Berg

Another waterfall that you will encounter along the route is Midfoss. The name says it all. It is located about 900 meters from the more famous Brúarfoss. This waterfall is only 2 meters high and the least impressive of the three. It is, however, a good place to stop for a drink and a snack. And to get some rest.


De Brúarfoss in full force. ©Corno van den Berg

But the hike mainly revolves around the Brúarfoss; it is the absolute attraction. When you walk up the bridge over the river, the special horseshoe shape of the waterfall looms. The bright blue water falls down over tens of meters. The name Bruara means 'bridge river', according to history there was once a natural stone bridge over the water. When a great famine broke out in 1602, the landowner destroyed it. So people stopped bothering him for food. According to the Icelanders, the man himself later drowned in the river.

Location of Brúarfoss

In the past, you could easily walk to the Brúarfoss in a few minutes. But this route ran over private property. Several tourists left garbage and even faeces behind. After which the owner closed the path.

The new trail route is therefore a lot longer and is signposted. The starting point is Road 355, where you will see a small parking lot. I used Google Maps. Finding this parking space was easy.

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