Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Unique Lake in Iceland Full of Colourful Ice Floes

The Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is an absolute must when travelling through Iceland. Especially in good weather, when the sun gives the dozens of ice floes in the glacial lake an extra dimension. But even in grey or foggy weather, this is a magical place. You can walk around the side, climb one of the hills and take countless pictures. But you can also take a mighty boat excursion.

This world-famous glacial lake is almost twenty square kilometres in size. And at its deepest point about 248 meters deep. Hundreds of spectacular ice floes float in the blue-green water. This is a wonderful landscape.

The ice floes have different colours. Sometimes they colour very darkly, while other scotches glitter white like a diamond. They can also turn white, ice blue or even green. Make sure you take the time here, too, to take a stroll along the water's edge and hear the drifting ice as the waves rank it.

A lone ice floe in the glacial lake Jökulsárlón. ©Corno van den Berg

Seals are regularly spotted in the lake. I've also seen several. These animals are not shy and regularly visit the boats. So keep your eyes open. Before you know it you see two mischievous eyes looking at you between the ice.

Tours: Boat Trips on the Glacial Lake

There are several boat trips to explore the lake. I have done both excursions and there are definitely differences. These are the two options for the boat trip.

Boat Trip with an Amphibious Vehicle (1 hour)

You can explore the glacial lake Jökulsárlón by boat. ©Corno van den Berg

When you get here you can see them going into the water. The excursion with an amphibious vehicle is a special experience. The boat is incredibly deep and can therefore both sail and drive on land. First you drive a bit on a dirt road, after which you enter the water. Which gives an extra dimension to your visit.

Zodiac Boat Trip (30 to 40 minutes)

Small zodiacs are used to check whether there are dangerous icebergs in front of the larger boats on the Jökulsárlón. ©Corno van den Berg

The most popular excursion for a trip on the lake is by zodiac. These small hard plastic boats make a big round between the ice floes, so you get to see a lot. The captain will tell you about the history of the glacial lake and many other interesting facts.

Differences between Zodiac and Amphibious Vehicle

A guide on Jökulsárlón glacial lake showed how transparent the ice is. ©Corno van den Berg

Both boat trips on the lake offer unprecedented photo opportunities. And you see the beauty of Mother Nature at its best. The captain lets you taste the ice, for this he removes an extremely clear piece of ice from the pure water.

The differences are this: The zodiac is more agile, can cover longer distances and the excursion takes longer. Also, these small boats can get closer to the ice floes. And you are on the boat with far fewer people. But the amphibious vehicle gives a very special experience. The choice is yours.

Take Pictures from a Hill

The Jökulsárlón glacial lake is a popular photo subject. ©Corno van den Berg

You don't necessarily have to take a boat trip. Also, enough tourists only come here to watch from the side. And there's a little hill that you can climb. From there you also have a beautiful view of the ice mass and the floating ice floes. If you stand there a little longer you will see the journey of an ice floe. This can take hours, but also half an hour for example.

Visit the nearby Diamond Beach

The lovely Diamond Beach. ©Corno van den Berg

Across the main road is a black lava beach. On this spot the ice floes reach the sea, but some are thrown onto the beach by the waves. What a beautiful landscape. And perfect for unique photos. Sometimes there are many ice floes and sometimes almost none. You have to be lucky.

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