Ice caves tour

Take a guided tour in an icy, bright blue underwater world

Iceland's ice caves are magically beautiful. Think of meter-long ice walls in different colours. Including bright blue when it comes to very old ice. As well as with special structures, which seem to have been made by Mother Nature with her own hands. You can visit the ice caves with a guide.

Iceland is hot. One of the best things to do is walk up a glacier and look for the blue ice caves there. I have done this too and can definitely recommend it.

Almost all ice caves are located in the world famous Vatnajokull glacier. And they are unique because the amount in this small part of the world is unprecedented.

The glacier is immense; it is the largest in Iceland. Every year, this glacier grows in winter and shrinks in summer. And then you see something special. Several caves are exposed, often with bright blue ice. The bluer the ice, the older it is.

A guided tour in Island's ice caves.

What does the tour look like?

It is important to do this only with a guide. Most ice caves are often only exposed for a few weeks. This can make the ice caves unstable. Which can suddenly get you in trouble. The guides know the situation of the caves and if they are strong enough to climb into them.

Usually you have to walk a bit before you get to the ice cave. You will receive special climbing equipment so that you can also climb over the ice.

Best time to visit the ice caves

The best time for an ice cave excursion is between mid-November and mid-March. Then it starts to get warmer and thus thaw. And it can become dangerous. In summer it is not possible to make this excursion

Entering an ice cave on Iceland.

Be aware!

Anyone who wants to photograph the ice caves must ensure that their camera (and especially the battery) stays warm. So wear your camera under your clothes, otherwise everything will be so empty. A tripod is almost necessary as the light is limited in the caves. And to prevent movement in your photos, you do need a tripod.

It can be cold in the cave. Make sure you have several layers of clothing on. Just like a backpack, so that you may have an extra layer with you. Gloves are very useful, especially if you have to climb and scramble over the ice.

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