Twin Waterfall along the Golden Circle

Hjálparfoss is not one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. It is also not one of the largest, highest or any other special water features. But it is worth a visit because it is a double waterfall. It is also stunningly situated between basalt blocks making it look beautiful in every season. In addition, it is located next to the road near the famous Golden Circle. So a stop is quickly made.

Iceland has hundreds of waterfalls. And you can never visit them all on your tour, but I really liked the stop at Hjálparfoss. The water falls about 20 meters down between the basalt blocks in two separate spots. You also have a great view of the famous Hekla volcano in the southeast.

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Remarkable Name

The name Hjálparfoss means help waterfall. The name dates from a distant past. People used to travel on foot or on horseback through the rugged interior of Iceland on the infamous Sprengisandur route. This was a dangerous journey. When you arrived over the mountains, the Hjálparfoss waterfall was the first place with fresh water for humans and their animals.

Today everything is different. The waterfall is located along the paved road. It is therefore easy to reach. The wind was blowing hard during my visit in the spring. Some parts gad still some snow and parts were frozen. The ice made it even more beautiful, sometimes a small piece of ice floated by. There was no one else, despite the beautiful weather with sun.

The Location Of Hjálparfoss

The beauty of Hjálparfoss. ©Corno van den Berg

The waterfall is located on Road 32, which is the route to Þjórsárdalsvegur. It is about 30 kilometres from Flúðir, which is known for the Secret Lagoon. The Hjalparfos is on the route to visit another famous waterfall: Háifoss.

The 32 is a side road of the famous Golden Circle with numerous attractions such as Geysir and Strokkur, Gullfoss and the Faxi waterfall. The car park is only 600 meters from this road. Note the small sign with the name. You can easily miss it.

Best Time To Visit

This is what Hjálparfoss looks in summer.

The road is in good condition and allows you to visit the waterfall in any season. Even in winter when there is a lot of snow. The road must be open, but that is often the case, but it is wise to check first. I think spring is the best time, the mix of winter with snow and ice and colourful flowers makes it amazing. Even in the summer, it is beautiful with the midsummer night, when it is light 24 hours a day.

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