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Elephant Rock

A natural rock formation shaped like an elephant just off the coast of Heimaey

An elephant in Iceland. It sounds bizarre, but it is true nonetheless. Just off the coast of the island of Heimaey you find a rock formation in the sea that looks exactly like an elephant.

Off the coast of the island of Heimaey you find a rock formation that looks remarkably like an elephant. The trunk, the eyes, and the ears; it's all there. 

The head in particular is strikingly similar. The shape really looks like an elephant’s head. You can also see an eye, but also a trunk. And it looks like he’s drinking from the ocean.

The best way to see Elephant Rock

Be aware, Elephant Rock is not easy to go and see. It is located approximately 7.4 kilometers off Iceland’s South Coast.

The best way to see Elephant Rock is from a boat at sea. It is possible to see the shape from the coast, but only just a little. And not optimal for photos.

Ask locally which boat tour is best to book. Its official name is Halldórsskora, although most know it when you say Elephant Rock.

Visiting Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock is located in the southwestern part of Iceland. Anyone making a round trip from Reykjavik to the beautiful glacial lake Jökulsárlón and the Vatnajökul glacier, for example, can easily stop at this amazing spot.

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