Climb the Pacaya volcano

This active volcano is perfect to watch the sun rise

The Pacaya volcano in Guatemala is relatively easy to climb. Although the beginning is a bit steep. You can go up in about an hour and a half, and down at your leisure in the same time.

The Pacaya is a very active volcano, which you can climb in relative safety. It’s 2.552 metres high. Don’t expect to see any lava, but you will see toxic smoke billowing.

Climbing the Pacaya volcano

It’s relatively easy to climb this volcano, though the start is quite steep. It will take about an hour and a half to get to the top, and about the same time to make your way down at a leisurely pace. The best time to go is in the early morning.

But it’s even better to see the sun rise from the top of the volcano, which means you’ll have to climb up in the dark with a torch or a headlamp. But it’s quite an experience to then see the landscape from above when the sun rises.

The volcano and its surrounding landscape have been declared a national park to protect, so do keep an eye out for wildlife such as monkeys.

Visiting the Pacaya volcano

The Pacaya is located about an hour out of Antigua. You can book a tour or head out on your own. Make sure you have the appropriate footwear and warm clothes.

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