Antigua Guatemala

Discover the colonial heart of the old capital

The old capital Antigua Guatemala, or Antigua for short, is in the Panchoy Valley, and surrounded by three volcanoes. The old centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is full of churches and ruins with colonial architecture.

Antigua in Guatemala is a colourful mix of modern and historic buildings. And to top it off there’s a volcano in the background. You can spend hours here, wandering around the little streets, shops, bars and restaurants. It really captures the essence of Central America.

It’s also a good place to base yourself when you explore the local area. It’s got a great location and a great atmosphere, so make sure you spend ample time in Antigua Guatemala.

De stad Antigua bezoeken.

Antigua is popular for language lessons in Spanish

The city is popular for foreigners to take language lessons, especially in Spanish. For example, where you stay here for a week and take lessons, and then travel through Guatemala and / or Mexico.

In addition, Antigua Guatemala is a good base for exploring the area. The atmosphere and location make a stay very pleasant. So stay a little longer ...

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