Tower of London

Gaze at the British crown jewels

The Tower of London is actually not really a tower, but a big fortress. It has served as a royal palace, but also as a prison. Now it is the place where the British Crown Jewels are exhibited. They are the most expensive in the world.

The famous Tower of London is a historical place in London. The oldest sections date back to the eleventh century, not long after the Norman conquest. It actually isn’t a tower, but more of a large fortress. 

It once served as royal palace, but also as a prison for enemies of the throne. Some names are: Anne Boleyn, King Henry VI, Sir Walter Raleigh, Guy Fawkes and Rudolf Hess. 

A popular museum

Nowadays, this is the place where the British crown jewels are on display and where you can be amazed at the richness of the Royal Family.

One of Britain’s most famous jewels is the Imperial State Crown. This was made in 1838 for Queen Victoria. On this crown there are no less than 2868 diamonds and 273 pearls. The most special is the 105-piece Koh-i-Noor diamond.

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