Typical English character in a rural region

Cotswolds is often seen as the most beautiful region of England. The architecture in this area is clearly different from the rest of the country. Many walls and roofs of houses are made of nearby limestone, which gives them a typical English character.

Remarkably, this region is well preserved. It has become a popular travel area. You will find a nice mix of hills full of grasslands, forests and small villages.

The small villages have been cared for by the local people for centuries. This makes it seem as if time has stood still. In this article, you’ll find the most beautiful villages and sights of Cotswolds. I also mention some popular excursions that are worthwile.

Castle Combe

Walking around in Castle Combe.

The town of Castle Combe is, according to many, the most beautiful village in Cotswolds. It only has three streets, but it is very scenic to walk around. Castle Combe has a few pubs where you can sit on a terrace and have a drink in this amazing setting. Try to avoid the weekends as this village can get very busy.


The famous church of Snowshill.

Snowshill is also a minuscule village, but with a lot of atmosphere. It is located on a hill and is easy to visit. In general, this village is a little quieter, so perfect for a visit.


The Broadway Tower.

The popular Broadway is a small village. It has numerous shops with souvenirs and restaurants. It is best to visit this village very early in the day. When the light is beautiful, you can enjoy the Broadway Tower, which towers above the hill.

Sudeley Castle

A view on Sudeley Castle.

The imposing Sudeley Castle is one of the many castles in this part of England. And one of the few forts that is still privately owned. It was built in 1443 and has survived many wars. Sudeley Castle can be visited with a guide. These tours are popular. The gardens are also beautiful and worth a visit.


The famous town of Bibury.

The famous town Bibury was voted as the most beautiful village in England several times. When you walk around the village you’ll understand why. A number of the historic houses are located on the river, which always results in beautiful photos. It can get way too crowded, which sometimes ruins the atmosphere. The early morning is the best time. Then you are ahead of most tourists.

Blenheim Palace

A visit tot Blenheim Palace.

The imposing Blenheim Palace is the birthplace of Winston Churchill. You can take a special tour about Winston with a guide. The gardens and the park around the castle can be visited. In addition, you can learn a lot about which movies and TV series Blenheim Palace has been used in. And it's in more movies than you think. In 1987, the palace was placed on the Unesco World Heritage list.

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Chipping Campden

Several houses in Chipping Campden.

The small town of Chipping Campden is striking with several stately houses and typical English gardens. Including the gardens of Hidcote and Kiftsgate. The wool trade was very popular here for a long time, even now you can still see sheep in the meadows. Chipping Campden is wonderful to explore on your own.


Some of the terraces in Bourton-on-the-water.

Tourists from all kinds of countries love Bourton-on-the-Water. It is especially suitable for something to eat and drink on the many terraces in good weather. There are also many shops to stroll around.

Hiking in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds Way is a 164 kilometer long hiking trail through the hills of Cotswolds. It runs from Bath to Chipping Campden, but of course you can also walk parts of it. Your luggage can be transported to your next accommodation so you don't have to worry about it. In the various villages you can easily get information about Cotswolds Way.

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Hiking in the morning in the Cotswolds.

In addition, there are walks around the many villages. These usually have the same starting and end point. One of the more popular hikes is the 6-kilometre hike at Chipping Campden. Another scenic route is Broadway around the Broadway Tower. Where you can look as far as Wales. Also the route from Stanton to Snowshill and back is very worthwhile.

Visiting Cotswolds

You will find Cotswolds between Oxford and Bath. The best time to go is spring and then preferably during the week. Autumn is also perfect. Take into account the rain, but there may also be some sunshine. Just take your walking shoes and go out.

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