Kahuzi-Biega National Park

Habitat of the Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Kahuzi-Biega National Park is a rich nature reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountainous area includes two dormant volcanoes. This is the habitat of special animals, including the chimpanzee, but also the mountain gorilla.

This relatively unknown nature reserve is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. The lowland forests are home to countless special animals, which have been protected here for decades. Kahuzi-Biega National Park is located in the extreme east of Congo, about 50 km west of the city of Bukavu.

Dian Fossey

Most people don't know that Dian Fossey first worked with the mountain gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega National Park. The American researcher started observing the mountain gorillas here in 1963. In 1967 she was mistreated, after which she fled to the neighbouring Rwanda

Kahuzi-Biega was founded in 1970

The national park gets its name from the two extinct volcanoes in the area. These are the 3,308 m high Kahuzi and the 2,790 m high Biéga. The Kahuzi is the highest point in the entire region. The park was established in 1970. This happened at the initiative of the Belgian Adriën Deschryver, after Dian Fossey laid the foundation for nature conservation of the gorillas in this region.

On safari to chimpanzees or mountain gorillas

You can visit these unique animals on special excursions. Where you have a great chance to see these great apes. With some luck you will also see other animals. With some luck you might spot a lowland gorilla, eastern colobus monkey, red colobus monkey, African buffalo, giant forest hog or a forest elephant.