Garamba National Park

Famous place to see elephants

Garamba National Park is a place where the African elephant is often spotted. It was one of the places where you could find the extremely rare northern white rhino, a subspecies of the white rhino. But the animals are probably now extinct.

Garamba was founded in 1938

This national park was established in 1938 to protect nature. This makes it one of the oldest national parks in Africa. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1980. Several times it was almost taken off the list by large-scale poaching. Today, Garamba National Park is managed by African Parks, a conservation organisation with the help of local people.

The Rare Northern White Rhinoceros

It is also the only place where the extremely rare northern white rhinoceros, a subspecies of the white rhinoceros, was found for a long time. This animal may be extinct, there have been no reports of the animal being seen in recent years.

On safari in Garamba

A trip to Garamba National Park is a real adventure. Elephants are seen remarkably often during safaris in this nature reserve. These large animals are not too shy and can be viewed relatively well. Keep in mind that there are regular confrontations between poachers and park rangers.