Six peaks above 5,000 meter. The Rwenzori Mountains span about 120 km and is around 65 km wide, in the middle of Africa.

According to geologists there are six massifs: Mount Stanley (5,109 m), Mount Speke (4,890 m), Mount Baker (4,843 m), Mount Emin (4,798 m), Mount Gessi (4,715 m) and Mount Luigi di Savoia (4,627 m).

Thanks to the heights of these mountains the Rwenzori Mountains belong to the absolute wilderness of Africa. The landscape, people and animals that survive here will amaze you.

The highest peaks of the mountains are covered in snow, which you can only see if Africa in two other places, the Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

This mountain range forms the border between Uganda and the Congo, and you can explore the mountains from both countries. The most popular base to start tours from is Uganda.