Overnight in a Boeing 727 in the jungle

Unique accommodation in Costa Rica

It’s one of the most unique accommodations in the world: an old Boeing 727 has been placed in the middle of the famous rainforest of Costa Rica. You can spend the night, complete with a wooden deck and all the amenities.

A special place to sleep

An old Boeing 727 is converted into a place to stay overnight in the jungle of Costa Rica. Breakfast is served at a wooden balcony where you have a spectacular view of both the rainforest as well as the Pacific Ocean. What else would you want?

The amenities

The interior of the aircraft has been adjusted into the grand bedroom. You can spend the night surrounded by jungle sounds from the nearby rainforest. As the aircraft is located between the top of the trees you also have the chance to see wildlife up close. Like howler monkeys, toucans or maybe even a sloth.

Check the photos

Spend the night in a Boeing 727 in Costa Rica.
At the restaurant you enjoy a spectacular view.
A toucan.
The grand bedroom.
The cockpit has been transformed into a kitchenette.
A howler monkey.

Expensive or cheap?

The rate differs per season. During low season you pay less than 200 euros or 250 dollars per night. In the high season, it is around 400 euros / 450 dollars per night.

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