Wolong National Panda Nature Reserve

Meet giant pandas in the semi-wild

The Wolong National Panda Nature Reserve is a great place to see giant pandas in the semi-wild, as it’s home to more than 30% percent of the panda population.

The world-famous Wolong National Nature Reserve was founded in 1963, the first place to shelter and protect the giant panda. The park was expanded in 1975 to make room for more pandas, and it now covers around 200.000 hectares.

A giant panda in Wolong.

You can see pandas here that have fallen ill, or have encountered other kinds of trouble. They also breed pandas here, with the intention of releasing them into the wild.

Earthquake in Wolong

The area was struck by a huge earthquake in 2008, which devastated the area. Collapsing buildings killed five keepers and one giant panda during the quake. Many of the structures have been rebuilt in a new location, and you can once again visit the enclosures, research centre and the rugged hinterland.

Shenshuping Panda Center

Many of the buildings have now been rebuilt. This happened at another location in Wolong. The new name is Shenshuping Panda Center.

This Panda Center holds dozens of pandas. This place is most resistant to earthquakes according to the park employees. So that people can work here safely. Of course, the pandas are also safe.

Other wildlife in Wolong

Not many people know that besides giant pandas there are also the smaller red pandas, snow leopards and North-Chinese leopards. These are found in the wildest part of Wolong.

A red panda in Wolong National Panda Nature Reserve.

Visiting Wolong National Panda Nature Reserve

After years of closure, you can visit Wolong National Panda Nature Reserve again. It is possible to visit all the enclosures, research centers and the rugged hinterland again. Where you can see pandas up close, but also in their natural environment.
Here giant pandas often climb trees. That looks both clumsy and funny. Until they find a place to sleep. Dan looks incredibly sweet. And it always produces beautiful photos.

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