Trans-Mongolian Railway

From Moscow to Beijing, across Russia, Mongolia and China

The Trans Mongolia Express is for many the ultimate train journey. First, take the Trans Siberia Express deep into Siberia, then continue on the Trans Mongolia Express from Ulan-Ude. This is a journey of discovery of almost 10,000 kilometers by train through seven time zones.

Travel from Moscow past the vast birch forests of Russia, along Lake Baikal, through Mongolia's steppes, right through the Gobi Desert, across the plains and past villages. On the Trans-Mongolian you can get off whenever you want.

The train follows centuries-old trade routes. A section of the Trans-Mongolian railway line is built along the old trade route of tea merchants. In the 19th century, the tea was transported from Beijing to Ulan-Ude. At the time, Mongolia belonged to the Chinese Empire. 

The amenities onboard the train are neat, bedding is included and the Samowar (a Russian-Turkish tea machine) always provides boiling water. The wagon is kept clean during the journey by the Provodnika, the train stewardesses.

You make several stops on the Trans Mongolia Express. These are the sights along the way. And the best excursions during this train trip.


The starting point of the Trans Mongolia Express is Moscow. And of course Red Square is worth a visit. Which can be done at any time of the day.


This city is also called the Paris of Siberia. When you walk around here, you'll understand why.

Taltsy Museum

This is a famous open air museum at Irkutsk. This is one of the absolute attractions of the Trans Mongolia Express.

Lake Baikal

The world famous Lake Baikal is well worth a stop. You can walk to the lake or take a boat up the lake and visit the Baikal Open Air Museum with its traditional wooden cottages which are found all over Siberia. Then the train crosses the border into Mongolia...

The border crossing in Mongolia.

Terelj National Park

You spend the night in a yurt, a traditional round tent. Where you also get to know the locals; a special experience. This park is famous for its beautiful mountainous landscapes and fields with the famous flower edelweiss. You can also go horse riding here.


This is the capital of Mongolia. The famous sights are the Gadan Monastery and the Natural History Museum with many dinosaur skeletons. After which the train crosses the border into China.

Typical landscape in Mongolia.


You can visit the famous Yingxian Wood Pagoda and the Hanging Temples. Also interesting are the Entered Caves, Sanhua Temple and the Nine Dragon Wall.


Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing are famous. And of course you can also visit the Great Wall of China. You would have already seen this several times from the train. And cross it a few times, too.