Local name: Chhogori

K2 is magical. It didn’t have a name for a long time, because locals could not see the mountain from the surrounding towns. But when the mountain was officially measured, it turned out to be the highest mountain after the Mount Everest.

K2 is part of the Karakoram mountain range. It is an extremely steep peak and tricky to climb. There are a few reasons: there are many passages that require high climbing skills and there’s a high chance of falling rocks and avalanches.

After many failed attempts, the first people to reach the top were Italians Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni on the 31st of July 1954. The first woman to reach the top was Wanda Rutkiewicz from Poland in 1986.

Overnachten op weg naar K2 Base Camp.
Spending the night on the way to K2 Base Camp. junaidrao

Experts say it’s one of the most beautiful mountains with its steep slopes, pointy peak and rugged surroundings make K2 a sight to behold. The road leading to it, straight through the Himalayas, is also very beautiful.

Many adventurers have got K2’s Base Camp on their bucket list. It’s at 5.650 metre, which is higher than Everest’s Base Camp at 5.364 metre.

The trek to Base Camp leaves from Skardu, crossing the Baltoro glacier to Concordia, where many tracks lead to other eight-thousanders (mountains higher than 8.000 metres). From there you climb up to Base Camp.

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