Tibet is more than an intriguing place, it’s cultural, with lots of temples and typical architecture, an abundance of traditional clothing, and a lot of music and dance on display.

But Tibet also has a very interesting cuisine, with yak meat and dzo (a hybrid between a yak and a cow), cheese and yoghurt. These are often served with salt and tea. No sugar, because at this altitude the body needs salt.

This is also the country of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism.

All these aspects come together in a landscape that will make your jaw drop. The extreme terrain of the Himalayas makes Tibet a unique destination.

There is also a Mount Everest’s base camp located here, which is quieter than that of neighbouring Nepal, but experts say the area is just as beautiful.

You can walk across the plateau to Rongbuk, where the famous highest monastery in the world is located, and you can see the Rongbuk glacier and the historic British Everest expeditions base camp.