Huashan Plank Trail

Is this the most dangerous climb in the world?

Huashan Plank Trail in China is known as the scariest hike in the world. Even the harnesses with which hikers are attached to cables don’t guarantee a safe ascent.

Say hello to the worn wooden planks and metal rods that form the trail up up Mount Huashan in China. Huasan is part of the Qinling mountain range and is mostly famous for the perilous trail to the southern top of the mountain. It’s hike for real daredevils.

New name: Cliffside Plank Path

Partly because of the changes, the name was recently changed to Cliffside Plank Path, but everyone is still talking about Huashan Plank Trail. The path can be climbed all year round, although it can get very cold in winter. And very hot and clammy in the summer. But winter is much quieter than summer, when the path is almost overrun by Chinese.

Located in the Qinling Mountains, Hua Shan is best known for the dangerous hiking trail to the southern peak of the mountain. A walk for those who like a big challenge. The breathtaking view from the top makes up for it and you can relax in a Taoist temple converted into a tea house.

The dangerous Huashan Plank Trail.

Climbing Huashan Plank Trail

The path is hundreds of meters above an abyss. And it does not always look stable. In fact, sometimes it seems that you fall right through it.

The steel cables on the rocks must prevent a fall. Although it is different from ours. When you go rappelling you normally have a harness that you go through with your legs. Not here.

It is a harness around your upper body. Which comes across as less stable to be honest. You get two secured hooks that you have to click onto the cables. where one always has to put one on the cable. So you switch them one by one.

You can do the trail in half an hour or a maximum of 45 minutes. If you are very slow it is an hour. But you are here with more people, so relaxing is not there. This is only possible at the temple that you encounter halfway along the route. Take a break there to take in the surroundings. Because this one is very magical.

Visiting Huashan Plank Trail

The nearest city is Xian, which includes the mighty Terracotta Army. You can go by car and train to the town of Huayin, which is 120 kilometers away. You are already in the middle of the mountains.

From the city you can take the cable car up to an altitude of over 1,600 meters. Make sure you stand by the glass of the cable car, because this is beautiful China.

The Temple in Huashan Plank Trail.

Be aware

Due to social media such as Facebook and Instagram, Huashan Plank Trail has become very popular. What you soon notice when you come here on the weekend or during the holiday period. Avoid these periods and try to arrive as early in the morning as possible. So that you can fully enjoy your adventure.

Cell phones regularly fall down here from people taking pictures. You can prevent this in various ways, including a special hold button on the back. Or a cord on a special holder for your phone.

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