Mieders Alpine Coaster

Have you got what it takes to ride the Mieders Alpine Coaster?

The Mieders Alpine Coaster in Austria is the steepest coaster in the European Alps. The track plunges around 2,8 km down the mountain.

The video will show you all you need to know. This is Mieders Alpine Coaster or Sommerrodelbahn Mieders.  This gravity-driven coaster in the Austrian Alps is a wonderful way to zoom down the mountains at great speed.

You cover around 640 metres in height-difference and can reach up to 42 kilometres in speed. And believe me, that’s incredibly fast in a tiny little car. You can choose your own speed by applying the breaks… or not. So you don’t need to be (too) scared. 

A ride on the Mieders Alpine Coaster

How do I get to Mieders Alpine Coaster?

The alpine coaster can be reached using a cable car up to Koppeneck. Look around you, the scenery is stunning.

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