Hallstatt is exactly what you imagine from a small village in the mountains. A picturesque church and winding small streets just in between a lake and the mountain range.

Het wonderlijke Beinhaus in Hallstatt
Het wonderlijke Beinhaus in HallstattJitka Erbenová

Besides its picturesque appearance, it has another unique drawcard: the ‘Beinhaus’ (Bone House) in the Michaels Kapelle. It’s home to 1.200 skulls of former residents of Hallstatt. Around 600 of them have been decorated with name, crucifixes, flowers and more. It’s an interesting collection.

Hallstatt is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and very popular amongst Chinese. You can actually find a replica of Hallstatt in an amusement park in Guangdong, China…

Enjoy Hallstatt through the eyes of film maker Geoff Tompkinson. He uses the stunning technique of Hyperlapse.