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Tour around Australia in a campervan

The ultimate way to see the vast country of Australia with total freedom

Taking a campervan tour around Australia can be done in different ways. There are fully decked-out campervan, but there are also 4x4s with a small sleeping compartment, so you can go off-road.

Australia is huge, and the most popular way to explore this country is to drive around in a rental car, staying at hotels or camping in different locations.


Even with a normal camper you can go where you want and then camp where you want. Wild camping is not prohibited in Australia, although you must have a permit in the national parks. You can often get these at the entrance of the park.

A tour in a campervan in Australia.

You often sleep among wild animals such as kangaroos, wallabies (small kangaroos) and countless other strange creatures. Just plan a route and go. But plan well, because the distances are sometimes unprecedented and you don't want to drive 800 kilometers on your last day, I think.

Advantages of a campervan

  • It really is a house on wheels, with all the amenities.
  • Due to the great distances in Australia, you can say that you will stop earlier, for example.

Disadvantages of a campervan

  1. Australia has many off-road roads. You cannot drive this with a regular camper, unless it is a short way to a campsite or similar.

4WD campervans

There are 4×4 campervans, which can go off-road and are a bit smaller than regular campervans. One of those is a Toyota LandCruiser 4×4 for example, it’s small and tough and comes with all you need, such as a double bed and a tiny kitchen. One of these is ideal for a tour around Australia, because it gives you the ultimate freedom.

A 4WD campervan. ©Corno van den Berg

Advantages of a 4WD campervan

  • You are allowed to drive offroad on the unpaved roads. Which gives you much more freedom. And so you can go on an adventure.
  • You can look for places to sleep where others cannot go. I thought this was really great. It gives a much more bush feeling.
  • A campervan is smaller and therefore much easier to park at tourist spots.

Disadvantages of a 4WD campervan

  • A campervan is often much smaller than a camper. Which is sometimes a bit clumsy.
  • The bed might a bit small.
  • Make sure you have good maps with you when going off the beaten track. You don't want to get lost here or run out of gas.

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