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Balloon flight over the Outback

A unique way to see Australia's landscape

Fly in a hot air balloon over Uluru and the Outback. According to many, it is one of the most beautiful tours in Australia. Where you see the unique landscape of the heart of Australia in a special way. You fly like a bird above the desert. These are the best tips for this tour.

Actually, this flight with a hot air balloon is a must. Because only then will you understand why these rocks are so striking in the immense Outback. The tour is perfect for exploring the vast surroundings of this desert. And therefore ideal for taking photos. Which are slightly different from those of most other tourists here.

What does the ballooning excursion look like?

The Outback is the expansive plain in the heart of Australia. This is no less than 3,000 kilometers in size. Those who want to see the grandeur can climb into a hot air balloon from Alice Springs.
You must be present at the departure location in the early morning. While the organizers slowly rig up the hot air balloon, you can see the sun rise over the immense sandy plain. You can see more and more in the daylight. Everything gets a red color. And you feel the warmth on your body.
If there is enough warm air in the balloon, it will slowly rise. Then you have to get in quickly and the adventure begins. You make a lot of speed in the beginning. And you go up at a rapid pace. Then you can look for miles.
You soon see Uluru emerging as a huge pimple in the landscape. But you can also take a good look at the equally wonderful rocks of Kata Tjuta, and you can see that they are not far apart. In fact, they belong to the same rock according to scientists.

Search for wildlife

You also have a good chance of seeing a kangaroo or camel. Who often live in groups in the Outback. So study the landscape for movement.

Be aware!

Hot air balloons are not allowed to come too close to both Uluru and Kata Tjuta. In other words, you fly past it from a distance. Keep that in mind, but the journey is still very impressive.

More information: www.outbackballooning.com.au

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