Mountains, safaris, mountain gorillas and chimpanzees

Uganda offers a huge wealth of diversity, think for example of safari animals, but also plenty of primates like the mountain gorilla and chimpanzee. Just add waterfalls, mountains and Lake Victoria for an amazing round trip. This is beautiful Africa.

Are you keen on safaris? And eager to see mountain gorillas? And chimpanzees? Then Uganda is the place to go. The country has strikingly diverse highlights. Nature is the main attraction in this country. There are also unique excursions to do.

This African country offers a colourful mix of adventure, nature and culture. Bwindi National Park is world famous thanks to its diverse offering, and to see two of the primates, and so is the Kibale Rainforest.

A tour of Uganda often includes other national parks such as the Murchison Falls, Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth National Park and the huge Lake Victoria.

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