Country in a desert with a strikingly modern capital

Turkmenistan is virtually unknown. Most travellers don't even know the name of the capital of this country in Asia. Or to mention any highlights. Although the country certainly has some special attractions. Which you can discover on your own. A round trip of Turkmenistan is definitely worth it.

This country is perfect for adventurers. In Turkmenistan traveling is still a wonderful challenge. Where you will meet remarkably few other travellers.


One thing for certain is that  this trip to Turkmenistan is different. It starts in Ashgabat, which is the capital. When you drive through the city will see how modern this city is. With wide promenades and many towering buildings. You can also see massive statues of former rulers, such as former President Saparmurat Niyazov.

Yangykala Canyon

The Yangykala Canyon is called the Grand Canyon of Turkmenistan. In the northwest of Turkmenistan, 100 miles above Balkanabat, lies the Yangikala Canyon. An almost alienated landscape which is actually the remains of a coastline after the sea has dried up. This place is so remote that even many Turkmens do not know about its existence and can only be reached by 4×4.

Mary and Merv

The town of Mary is located in the Karakum Desert along the Old Silk Road. It is the base for the historic city of Merv. The historic city is located in an oasis in the desert. It is even mentioned on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. The city was founded in the 3rd century and has a long history.

All 1 Bucket List Tips in Turkmenistan