Gates of Hell

A Continuously Flaming Crater Burning Gas

The Gates of Hell, also known as Darvaza, is a unique place in Turkmenistan. Near the town of Derweze in the Karakum desert, gas burns continuously in a hole in the ground. The fire gives off a smell of sulphur, which makes it extra special.

The locals aptly call it the Gates of Hell. Because of the eternal fire, a visit is especially popular at night. The flames provide a bizarre spectacle.

This natural phenomenon is one of the strangest places in the world. In the crater of Darvaza fire burns 24 hours a day. It comes from a cave and provides a beautiful spectacle. Especially when it gets dark.

Gates of Hell Was Created by Man

Tourists come from far to see this wondrous spectacle. What many do not know is that it was created by man. In 1971 geologists conducted intensive research here. They discovered an immense cavern filled with methane. While drilling for the survey, part of the cave collapsed. A crater was left behind. And that is the part that can still be seen when you visit this area.

The Gates of Hell with continuously burning fire.

Methane escaped into the hole of almost a hundred meters, which is dangerous for humans and animals. So it was lit with the expectation that the fire would go out when the gas ran out. But the fire has been burning for decades now. Which at night is an almost terrifying sight. Derweze means The door. They say you are very close to hell here.

The fire can be seen from afar in the evening and night. Life has even been found in this crater, leading scientists to believe that other planets with continuous fire may also have life. Yes, the Gates of Hell is a wonderful place. And a must on your tour of Turkmenistan.

Closure Due to the Environment

For years there has been discussion in Turkmenistan about closing the Gates of Hell. In 2010 there has been already an announcement that has not been commenced. The place would be bad for the environment because of all the gases that escape. It would also be bad for the health of the people who live nearby.

So various research agencies are investigating how the place can be closed. And in an environmentally friendly way. Although this turns out to be more difficult than expected. To be continued.