Diverse country between the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea

Tunisia is a beloved destination for sun lovers, but it also has a very rich history. There are roman temples, for example, and unique locations used in films. And of course there’s the Sahara.


Carthage is the most popular highlight of Tunisia. In the past it was an important trading city of the Phoenicians. The city was founded as early as 814 BC. And it became the capital of the Carthaginian Empire. The Phoenicians were the greatest enemy of the Romans in the third century AD. The Romans eventually conquered this place. Carthage is now on the list of world heritage of UNESCO.

It is an immense area to visit. With multiple attractions. including the old bathhouses and ruins of various temples. Take a guide for this excursion so you can learn about the peoples who lived here. In which you will hear stories about human sacrifice, probably also children were killed. The remains of ancient Carthage are about 10 km east of Tunis. This is the capital of Tunisia.

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