Treehouse in Lion Sands Game Reserve

Go on safari at the unique Lion Sands at Kruger National Park in South Africa

A treehouse in Lion Sands Game Reserve lets you sleep in the African bush. Yes, in the open air in South Africa, under the stars, between the wild animals. It is not cheap, but definitely unique.

A wooden tree house in the middle of a private safari park. Meet Lion Sands Chalkley Tree House in South Africa's famous Lion Sands Game Reserve. It is special and above all expensive. But you really get something special in return. This is an accommodation you will never forget.

Overnight in the treehouse in Lion Sands Game Reserve.

Those who go on safari are usually very impressed by the wild animals. And the real safari experience includes spending the night in a lodge. Preferably in the middle of the African bush where luxury and nature come together.

This unique place to sleep is located next to the famous Kruger National Park. And there are no fences, so you can see a lot of wild animals here. In fact, many animals here are used to tourists, so you often see them.

Just imagine waking up like this.

Overnight in a special place

It costs quite a lot to stay at Lion Sands Game Reserve, expect to pay around 500 euros per person per night. All meals and two guided safari trips are included.

The Treehouse is situated in the African bush.

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