Boulders Beach: Best tips for beaches with penguins in South Africa

Penguins at Boulders Beach

At this beach near Cape Town you can meet African penguins

Boulders Beach is unique because the African penguin lives here comfortably amongst humans. This famous beach lies not far from Cape Town.

This special beach is right in the suburbs. But that doesn’t bother the African penguins here at all. They simply waddle across the beach, the streets and the rocks. And they make their nests in the shrubs a little further along.

The penguins live under houses. They hide under cars. It’s what made the tiny town of Boulders, near Simon’s Town, world famous. It’s south of Cape Town and definitely worth a visit.

Viewing platforms to see the animals

Special viewing platforms give you the opportunity to watch the animals at your leisure. Keep an eye out for penguins that need to get past other ones. They’re not gentle about it and it can be comical to see.

It is a good place for photos, although it can get busy with tourists. Try to avoid weekends, and go early in the day. Then the animals are also nice and active.

Swimming with penguins

You cannot get to the animals on the official beach with the special viewing platforms. But on the beach next to Boulders Beach you can swim well in good weather. And you occasionally see a penguin pass by. Which goes through the water a lot more conveniently than you. You have to be lucky to see them. Or be patience, that helps too.

You also have the chance to see these roguish animals in other places around Cape Town along the coast. If you walk along the beach, you can actually encounter them everywhere. As well as coming ashore to rest from their adventures at sea. One of the best other places to see these animals is Betty's Bay.

African penguins at Boulders Beach.

Always look at the water, as well as the beach when the animals come out of the water. In the visitor center of Boulders Beach you can get a lot of information about these funny animals. So you can enjoy the animals even more. And you don't miss anything.

Best time for Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is very popular with tourists. It can get quite busy at the special viewing areas here. Make sure you go early in the day, so you can see how the penguins get up and prepare for a day hunting for fish at sea.

The end of the day is also a good time to go, when the light becomes more gentle. Many penguins return from their adventures at sea and hop on the beach. It is a lovely sight.

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