Great destination for sun lovers, with a lovely countryside

Senegal is popular by sun lovers. If you explore a little further than your resort, you will really discover Africa. With a rich culture as well as lush nature. You can venture out by yourself. These are the most beautiful sights for your tour of Senegal. With fun excursions to do that show the diversity of the country.


Locals in Dakar. ©Corno van den Berg

The capital Dakar is where your flight will land. Most tourists travel straight on to their resort. Which is a pity because the capital is very colourful with various markets, among other things.

Mbour Fish Market

An excursion to Mbour Fish Market. ©Corno van den Berg

Mbour's fish market is a real experience. Every day here on the outskirts of the city the fish are loaded from the boats. After which it is purchased directly by traders who first inspect the fish. These traders are, remarkably only, women.

The fish are prepared immediately on the beach. This is done with knives, but also with sticks. After which the fish is put away in containers. It is best to visit the fish market early in the morning. This is when there's the most activity.

Bandia Nature Reserve

A roan antilope in Bandia Nature Reserve. ©Corno van den Berg

You can go on safari in the Bandia Nature Reserve. Go on a jeep safari in search of wild animals in this nature reserve. The landscape consists of forest and savannah. In the park you can come across the following animals: forest buffalo, giraffe, zebra, roan antelope, nile crocodile, ostrich and meerkat. Various species of birds including kingfishers.


A visit to Gorée Island. ©Corno van den Berg

The island of Gorée has a grim history of slavery. This island is named after the former island of Goeree in the southern part of the Netherlands. Which is already an indication of the past. From the 16th to the 19th century, this island was one of the centers of the slave trade to America.

The Dutch played a negative leading role, as did the English, French and Portuguese. On Gorée, slaves were collected, after which they were shipped to the promised land, America.

The entire island is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. But also because of the special atmosphere that prevails today. It's amazing to walk around the island.

The brightly coloured houses on the island give it a Mediterranean hue, although the architecture also shows Arabic characteristics. There is a striking calmness on this island.

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