Lake Retba (Pink Lake)

Mystifying pink lake in Senegal

Lake Retba in Senegal is pink due to the high salinity of the water, encouraging algae to grow. This is what gives the lake its remarkable colour. And is therefore also called Pink Lake.

The Pink Lake has mostly gained its fame thanks to social media such as Instagram and Facebook. The colourful photos are liked and shared by tons of people. Lake Retba is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Visiting Lake Retba

Visiting Lake Retba in Senegal.

When you walk around you can see how the locals collect salt from the lake. You can also spot different animals who try to survive in and around the lake.

Beste time for photos

The best moment to take photos of the Pink Lake is in the morning when the light is gentle. Although wonderful pictures can be taken even when the sun is bright. Give it a shot.

Remember that most photos you see of this lake are taken by a drone, from the air. This angle makes the pink more visible. But still a trip to Retba Lake is a nice experience.