Tourism is on the rise in Russia. The Russians themselves have also gotten the taste for travel. And much has changed here. Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and now a popular destination for a city trip.

It’s a city full of culture with a remarkable past. It’s easy to travel here by train, especially if you’re heading further east using, or even to the far east.

The Nenets live in the north of Russia.
The Nenets live in the north of Russia.

Moscow is now also a popular place to go for a city trip, with the Red Square as absolute hit with the tourists. There is also a lot of culture and dance here. It’s also one of the stops on the famous Trans-Siberian Express.

But Russia’s nature is also a drawcard. Lake Baikal for example, is the deepest and largest sweet water reservoir in the world. But don’t forget the rugged Kamchatka Peninsula and Siberia.

Then there’s Oymyakon, the coldest city in the world. It can hit 40 degrees Celsius below zero here, even during the day. As a result, it has a unique landscape, and the people here have to adapt to the extreme weather conditions.