Discover this truly unknown group of no less than 340 islands

Palau is a unique destination. The many islands are perfect for island hopping, snorkeling, diving and simply relaxing.

These tropical islands are simply paradise. With countless inhabited, but also enough uninhabited islands. Almost all islands are volcanic in origin, although there are also coral islands. You will find several beaches, crystal clear warm water and the unique culture of the Samoans.

Palau is adventure

A trip to Palau is a wonderful adventure. With some special things to do and see. Some tours are unique in the world. You will be particularly surprised by the rich underwater world and the friendly inhabitants.

The country has a total area of 459 km2. More than 20,000 people live on the islands. The unknown Ngerulmud has been the capital since 2005. The reason: It says so in the constitution. Yes, this archipelago has a special history.

The first inhabitants arrived around the 11th century, probably from Indonesian islands. After which the Spaniards came, and the Germans. After that the Japanese ruled here, and the Americans as well. But the country has been independent since 1994.

Make a tour of Palau

You can easily arrange a tour around Palau. The island of Babeldaob is by far the largest. You can easily take boats to the other islands. The city of Koror has an international airport. Belau Air is the only Palauan airline. From Koror you can fly to Peleleiu and Angaur.

All 1 Bucket List Tips in Palau