Sand boarding on volcano El Cerro Negro

Gather your courage and ride a board down the slope of an active volcano

Boarding the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua on a wooden board is a unique excursion. One you will not easily forget. The volcano landscape is just magical.

El Cerro Negro (the black hill) is an active volcano near Leon. Sand boarding is very cool here and you can do so down 728 metres of black lava.

The view of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.

What does the volcano boarding tour look like?

This is a unique activity. El Cerro Negro is the place to be if you want to ride a wooden board down the black lava of a volcano. You’ll be given pair of overalls (in bright orange) some safety goggles, and a board made up of wooden planks. And off you go, down 700 metres worth of volcano.

You can reach pretty high speeds, and you have to brake with your feet, though you probably won’t need to. You do have to climb up with all your gear, but you forget about all that when you’re speeding down the mountain.