Climbing a volcano in Nicaragua

This country in Central America has no less than 19 volcanoes

Climbing a volcano in Nicaragua is a wonderful experience. Each with wonderful views as a reward for your efforts. The most exciting thing is to see a sunrise from the top of one of them.

They are all slightly different, each with its own character. Some have been inactive for years, others have not. This country offers a striking number of active volcanoes that you can climb.

Be aware of the risks. Make sure you are well aware of the dangers. And ask for the most recent information on the spot.

You can climb a volcano during your tour of Nicaragua, but you can also do several. The choice is yours. These are the best tips for your visit.

The beautiful volcano landscape of Nicaragua.

Cerro Negro

This volcano is best known for volcano boarding. In other words, going down the mountain with a wooden plank. A wonderful excursion.


This volcano is only 635 meters high, but one of the most active. It is one of the most accessible and therefore very worthwhile. One of the most well-known, with a risk of lava in the depths.


After climbing you can visit the crater lake.

San Cristóbal

The highest (1.745 m), not too difficult.


According to many, it’s the most beautiful. And chance to see lava deep inside the volcano.


No easy climb, but a beautiful view over Lago Xolotlán.


Famous for its many vistas.


Famous for the dangerous gasses near the crater. But beautiful.


A tricky climb, but a nice view of an entirely overgrown lagoon.